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Video: Including China into Your Global Drug Development Strategy ─ Why, When and How?

By Jiansong Yang, PhD
Senior Vice President and Chief Scienctific Officer, Tigermed
November 2020


Jiansong Yang, PhD
Senior Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer, Tigermed

Dr. Jiansong Yang is the Chief Scientific Officer of Tigermed, which is the largest clinical CRO in China. He’s also the Founder and CEO of Mosim (now a Tigermed company), where he leads a team of over 100 scientists focusing on drug development strategy, clinical study design and PK/PD data analysis.

Dr. Yang has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, specialized in early drug development and clinical study design. Prior to Mosim, he was Director of Clinical Pharmacology at GSK. He received his Ph.D. on Clinical Pharmacokinetics from the University of Sheffield, UK.