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Clinflash Releases New Version of EDC System

November 8, 2018

Clinflash Healthcare Technology, a subsidiary of Tigermed Group, releases the new version of Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system in Shanghai on Nov 8, 2018. Gary Guan, general manager of Clinflash, announces the launch of Clinflash EDC 2018, a brand new version that is easier, faster and stronger compared to past versions. Clinflash EDC 2018 can largely increase the efficiency for data entry, view and audit, saving time for project member across clinical trial procedure.

China authorities put forward higher requirement on clinical trial quality and data reliability in recent years. Gary Guan says clinical trial is a scientific and serious procedure. EDC system, as the foundation of data management, requires high-standard stability and reliability. Clinflash EDC 2018 has highly-reliable architecture and excellent core functions thanks to the join-development by Tigermed experts from different fields, including data management, statistical analysis, operation, medical, IT, etc.

Clinflash EDC has been applied in more than 350 clinical trials since the initial launch in 2014. Some products that used Clinflash EDC in phase III studies was approved by China authorities and launched successfully in China market. Apart from EDC system, Clinflash has its own data management and statistical analysis service. “We know the important of data quality and expect Clinflash to be the most trusted EDC system for our clients,” Gary Guan said.

Ji Li, R&D head of Clinflash, introduces three key improvements for the new system: 1) new data processing technology; 2) new use interface and interaction; 3) new server and hardware. Clinflash EDC 2018 has easier mode of operation, faster deployment and page loading speed, and stronger featured functions. Ji Li said, “Apart from key improvements, we further strengthen the core function of Clinflash EDC, such as edit check and custom functions.”

Tigermed senior PM, CRA, CRC, MM, DM and SA engaged in development and testing of Clinflash EDC 2018. Ji Li states, “our internal survey shows the new version has excellent user experience. At early stage of clinical study, IT needs only 10 minutes to complete configuration of system environment. Time for URL creation and eCRF establishment is also largely shortened. At recruitment and follow up stage, efficiency for data entry and audit could be increased by 25%. Time for loading complicated page is controlled within 2 seconds. DM could also largely improve the efficiency for data review by using this new version.”

For the future, Clinflash aims to be the leading provider of cloud-based solution and relevant professional service in field of clinical development in China. Gary Guan says, “We expect to grow with our customer by helping them improve R&D efficiency and effectiveness.”


About Clinflash Healthcare Technology

Clinflash Healthcare Technology is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co., Ltd. Clinflash is a leading provider of cloud-based solution and relevant professional service in field of clinical development in China. Clinflash aims to help pharmaceutical companies improve R&D effectiveness and efficiency through providing first class IT solution and professional service. Clinflash EDC has been applied in more than 350 clinical trials and is widely adopted by global and China leading healthcare companies. The system is fully complied with 21 CFR Part 11 and CDISC standard with excellent usability, stability and reliability. Clinflash Healthcare Technology also has the first class data management and statistical analysis team with rich experience from 200+ projects. DM and SA service is led by senior experts with rigid SOP following Tigermed standard and commitment.

About Tigermed

Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co., Ltd(stock symbol: 300347) is a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) in China dedicated to provide professional full clinical trial services. Since inception in 2004, Tigermed has been committed to accelerating medical product development with costs efficiency and quality. Headquartered in Hangzhou, Tigermed operates 32 subsidiaries, 95 offices across China and 12 overseas offices in Hong Kong China, Taiwan China, USA, Switzerland, Korea, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore , India and Romania with over 4100 full time staffs. Tigermed has serviced more than 600 local and global clients in the conduct of over 1060 clinical trials. Tigermed is recognized as “The Innovative CRO” in China,owning to our involvement of over 150 innovative drugs.