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Customer Recognition is Our Driving Force

Tigermed has always adhered to the strategy of “everything aimed at providing customers with integrated solutions”. We hope to bring customers cost-effective quality services. Customer recognition is our touchstone for seeing whether our customer priority strategy has been properly implemented.

Lilly Global Supplier Award

Tigermed’s Biostatistics team was awarded “Global Supplier Award” by Lilly for the partnership and contribution to Eli Lilly innovation project.

Merck Outstanding Service Award

Tigermed received the 2016 MSD Supplier Outstanding Service Award. Tigermed is the only company in the CRO category to receive this award that provides clinical research services to Merck.

Forbes Best Listed Company Category

In 2017, Tigermed was once again on the Forbes list companies in China up-and-comers list.

Excellent Leading Company

Tigermed subsidiay — Fantastic Bioimaging was recognized as “Excellent Leading Company” Award.

Best Partner Award

Tigermed’s data and statistics team was awarded the “Best Partner Award” by 3DMed for their cooperation in the tumor immunotherapy project, which earned them great appreciation and full affirmation of the project’s sponsor.

Teamwork Delivery and Leadership Spirit Trophies

Tigermed PM and CRA team received the Teamwork Delivery and Leadership Spirit trophies for a project of a top 10 foreign-owned pharmaceutical company.

Recognition by BARC Global Central Laboratory

The Tigermed Central Laboratory is recognized by BARC Global Central Laboratory, which will promote the international recognition of clinical trial data in China and compliance with international R&D industry standards.

Taurus Award For Listed Companies In China

Tigermed received Taurus Award for listed companies in China in 2018 which focuses on the listed company’s continued profitability and stable return on the shareholders’ investment.

Best Startup Award

Tigermed received “Best Startup Award” for its Diabetes Project in cooperation with Hualing Pharmaceuticals, which stand out among major global suppliers. This is also the first trophy to be awarded by Hualing Medicine to one of its suppliers for outstanding service delivery.